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All reviews taken from Google, Yelp,  Emails and Facebook!


Shireen - 1/28/22

Brian is very professional and knowledgeable home inspector. Highly recommended!! He was very thorough and took the time to explain everything in detail.

Lorenzo - 1/8/22

Top-notch professional! It's a pleasure working with such a high-level expert: informative, transparent, direct, and the best in his field, no doubt. A truly invaluable resource of information & a pleasure to work with. All around excellence!

Cheryl - 1/7/22

Brian was polite, knowledgeable, and on time. He was sincere and answered all my questions. He was super professional but felt trustworthy. Would definitely use his services and recommend to friends.

Nelson - 1/3/22

great service and responsive.

Danielle - 12/23/21

We are first time home buyers and had no clue what an inspection entailed. Brian showed up early and was ready to go right at 9am. Brian is a very knowledgeable inspector and made this process super stress free and was able to go through everything very thoroughly! He was able to answer all the questions we had and recommended different routes we could go. He was extremely personable. Scheduling was quick and easy. I definitely recommend using Brian for inspections!

Amanda - 12/16/21

We needed a home inspection ASAP and were able to book an appointment with Brian for a few days out. He was absolutely thorough, knowledgeable, and friendly. It was an enjoyable experience that left us feeling like we know exactly what our new home will need. Also, our inspection was this morning at 9 and we already have a full report!!! This report is so valuable, we will be able to reference it for years to come. If you can, we highly recommend booking your home inspection with McDonald Home Inspections!!!

Joe - 12/13/21

Very impressed with McDonald Home Inspection. They took the time to thoroughly inspect the home and explained in detail any findings or concerns. He’s a pretty skinny guy that was able to get into the crawl spaces and he was like Spider-Man all over the roof.

Amy - 12/8/21

Brian is a meticulous and knowledgeable inspector. He made us feel very comfortable throughout the whole process. I'd recommend him to anyone looking to purchase a home.

Adam - 11/24/21

Brian arrived 30 minutes before our scheduled meeting to get a head start on inspecting the exterior of the unit. His knowledge and thoroughness was a breath of fresh air. I was astonished at the amount of things he was able to bring to my attention. I would highly recommend McDonald Home Inspections!!

Natalee - 11/22/21

Very thorough and insightful home inspector.

Theresa - 11/19/21

It was a great experience and the inspector was very knowledgeable in all areas of the inspection. He explained everything as he went along and the report covers the complete inspection the color coding was helpful. If you choose McDonald's Home Inspection you will be very pleased with the end results.

Nikki - 11/17/21

This is my third house I’m in the market to buy. This was by far the most thorough home inspection I’ve ever had. He spent hours going through the property with me abs teaching me about all the things I didn’t know about. I highly recommend this service!

Mike - 7/6/20

Top notch professional with the utmost attention to detail and thoroughness. By the time we had arrived for our scheduled appointment Brian had already been there for 45 minutes going over the exterior of the house. Brian's demeanor from the very start was friendly and welcoming, and he was easily able to explain exactly what he was looking at or any concerns with the house in a manner that was easily understood. He was very personable, and it is evident that he really takes pride in his work. We felt we were in great hands throughout the entire inspection, and it made the process stress free. We felt fully confident in his recommendations during the inspection and his subsequent report.

Robin - 7/1/20

The inspector came well recommended. I understand why now. He was incredibly thorough. By the end of the appointment I felt like I knew every inch of the house. I really appreciate the full report I was given. That way I can address the issues he found later once we've moved in. He also gave us some great suggestions for improving efficiency within the home. I would absolutely hire this company again.

Karen - 6/23/20

Brian was extremely knowledgeable, thorough, informative and helpful!! He was a pleasure to deal with and we would highly recommend McDonald Home Inspections!!


Victoria - 6/28/20

He went above and beyond to accommodate my crazy schedule. Nothing short of thorough. There was not an inch that didn’t go unnoticed! Five stars highly recommend!!!!!

Steven - 6/19/20

Performed Home Inspection on house we have an offer on. Brian was extremely professional. He showed up well before our start time and had completed much of the exterior inspection before we got there, but still took the time to walk us through all he found. He was extremely thorough in the inspection while informing us of all of his findings and whether they were something that needed to be addressed immediately or were more of "a good to know to plan for". I highly recommend Brian and McDonald Home Inspections to any one needing an home inspection, but especially first time home buyers.


Jodi - 6/18/20

Brian is knowledgeable , friendly, timely , and easy to work with . I highly recommend him !

John - 6/11/20

Great working with Brian he was super thorough and knowledgeable.


Mark - 6/6/20

Brian was great for our inspection. He was thorough, knowledgeable, and spoke in layman's terms in areas where we needed him to be. I would highly recommend his services

Chan - 6/9/20

Brian is a homebuyers best friend! If you are thinking of buying or even selling. Having McDonald home inspection on your team is your best option. Highly recommended. 5 ⭐️

Lana - 6/3/20

We just had a wonderful inspection with Brian. Super thorough & informative. We actually learned quite a lot! Can’t wait to recommend him to others for their future home inspections.

Sean - 5/21/20

Brian provided exceptional care and service for our inspection. Excellent attention to detail and explained everything in easy to understand terms. Good conversation overall without having everyone talking all the time. (Pretty sure he knows how to read the room.) Given the inspection was during Covid-19 pandemic he even had soap and water for us to wash up at his truck tailgate when we were done. A nice touch! I feel the final report allowed us to make good decisions with his findings. Definitely recommended.

Nancy - 5/23/20

extremely detailed and did an amazing job.

Bethania - 5/14/20

Responsive, good quality, informative.

Kristina - 5/16/20

Extremely detailed and honest. Friendly and informative.

Matthew - 5/15/20

Brian was meticulously thorough, explaining everything he was doing in an easy to understand manner. He was polite, pleasant, and positive. He went above and beyond. I would absolutely work with him again and recommend his services

Shauna - 5/11/20

Brian was extremely thorough, professional & personable. He was at the property 45 minutes early & had already done most of the outside inspection before we arrived. He answered all of our questions & made things easy to understand. I would highly recommend / use McDonald Home Inspections again! Thank you!

Eli - 5/9/20

I highly recommend McDonald home inspection. Brian was very thorough, personable, and professional. We will definitely spread the word about this business.


Tiffany - 5/6/20

I've been through a few home inspections and this was by far the best experience I've had. Brian was thorough and took the time to explain everything to us. He was also very knowledgeable. His report came quickly and was easy to follow. Would definitely recommend and keeping his info on file for the future!

Shawna - 5/4/20

Brian was great! He was at the home early to get started, he was very thorough and professional. His office was incredibly courteous and knowledgeable- they all made this process as painless and pleasant as possible. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone needing an inspection!

John - 1/1/20

Fast yet detailed with words of wisdom shared for our benefit.

Sean - 4/29/20

Very thorough inspection. Very professional and on time

Leanne - 4/22/20

Brien was so awesome! He was thorough, showed us everything we should know about, and gave us a lot of insight about the house. He stopped repeatedly throughout the inspection to check if you had any questions and explained everything in terms that I could understand. We really appreciate that he took his time with us!

Alexander - 4/19/20

Brian so helpful and informative. He really took his time and was a great help to us while we try to buy our first house.


Lena - 4/17/20

Prompt responses, very professional , very thorough and informative, funny ...list goes on and on !

Andrew - 4/16/20

The best decision we made!! From the very beginning, we got a prompt response from Paula and we were able to book our appointment quickly. Brian took his time inspecting every part of the house, while explaining to us what he was doing. He was also very knowledgeable about how we should proceed with any issues that were found. We learned so much about building code and home upkeep throughout the inspection that we wouldn't have known otherwise. Home inspections can be long, but time flew by because Brian kept us entertained with his great sense of humor. To top it all off, the home inspection report we received was extremely thorough, informative, and easy to understand. If you need a home inspection, you HAVE to hire McDonald Home Inspections Inc. ! You won't regret it !

Tiffanie - 3/25/20

Brian is friendly, funny, and very thorough. He made the process painless and dare I say, fun? He knows his if you’re thinking about going with McDonald, do it! You won’t be disappointed.

Janice - 3/22/20

He was through and looked into every nook and cranny. Giving us his recommendations. I would highly recommend him if you are in need of his services. Very pleasant to work with.

Meghan - 3/17/20

Brian was very thorough. As a first time home buyer I'm nervous about everything but during the inspection he didn't make me feel alarmed by anything we saw that wasn't 100% up to par. I felt 100% confident and informed about what I was buying! Do the right thing- use Brian from McDonald Home Inspections for your home inspection!!!

Michael - 3/16/20

On time and to the point. Very thorough

Danielle - 3/12/20

This was our second inspection with Brian and we were just as thrilled with his work this time around. The first time around he saved us from some serious problems. This time around he provided in depth review and recommendations on how a well-built house could be more efficient. We would recommend his services to friends and family!

Willis - 3/10/20

Brian went above and beyond! He even beat me to the property and I was early. His attention to detail, thoroughness, and his knowledge is unmatched. Scheduling was super easy! I will definitely be working with him again

Ricardo - 3/9/20

Brian paid attention to detail and he was very professional. I'll definitely use him and will recommend him for other inspections

Bridget - 3/5/20

Very knowledgeable and helpful! Answered all questions!

Tiago - 3/4/20

I am a first time buyer and had no real experience with home ownership. Inspector showed up before I got to the location and carefully walked me through his process of inspection. He answered any questions I had thoroughly and provided me with valuable information about the intricacies of what he was looking for and how he rated faults/mistakes. The price was reasonable in comparison to the other services in the area.

Brian - 2/18/20

Brian is an outstanding, thorough, and experienced inspector. He took time to careful comb through each and every aspect of the home that he could. In the end Brian's careful and meticulous inspection revealed several concerning items with the home that made me pull out of the deal. I WILL use Brian in a heart beat again, you truly get what you pay for and he was excellent.

Eric - 2/12/20

Got an inspection of a newly constructed home. They were quick to respond and very professional. Brian was very knowledgeable and took his time to explain things as well as being reasonably priced. The home inspection was emailed to me within a couple hours after the inspection. He takes a lot of pictures so all the information is easily referenced. I would recommend McDonald Home Inspections.

Didi - 2/8/20

Brian was absolutely amazing, thorough and professional. I have worked with Brian on a previous property and will continue using his services in the future! Highly recommend his services.


Colleen - 2/6/20

Brian was great he was very though and explained everything . I will say he is the best When you need a home inspection he is the one I would call


Paul - 1/29/20

Brian was very knowledgable. I feel better about my home purchase.


Dana - 1/23/20

Brian was very thorough with our home inspection and very knowledgeable regarding necessary permits and codes. He was open to any and all questions. He was honest with his answers even when he knew we were afraid of the truth. Brian was not afraid to dig deep into what needed to be looked at. I would recommend McDonald Home Inspections to all.


Chris - 1/22/20

knows his stuff

David - 1/21/20

Brian came early and did his portion of the home inspection on his own before walking us through everything. I would totally recommend McDonald home inspection to anyone I know seeking a home inspector.


David - 1/20/20

Brian exceeded all my expectations


Keith - 1/14/20

Brian came out for a home inspection on a 2 family I'm interested in purchasing. He came 30 minutes early and started on the outside inspection. After a thorough walk around he came inside and started in the basement and worked all the way to the attic. He was very easy to talk to and was willing to answer any questions. I would highly recommend him to anybody .


Elliot - 12/18/19

The inspector was very knowledgeable, made the whole process easy to understand, and answered every question we had in full. I would recommend McDonald Home Inspections to anyone that needs a professional level inspection of their home!


Katherine - 12/16/19

Brian McDonald was exceptionally thorough and knowledgable about the home inspection process. He has prior experience in other areas of the home building process and happy to answer any and all questions.

Trina - 12/5/19

Brian was so informative on every single detail, no matter how small it was. Definitely worth working with him as your Home Inspector.

Jessica - 12/1/19

He Showed up before we did and had already started the process. Very professional and fun! Reports are thorough and extremely helpful! This is my first house inspection and I would absolutely hire them again!

Kelly - 11/25/19

Professional and fun! Reports are thorough and helpful! This is my first house inspection and I would absolutely hire them again!

Craig - 11/20/19

I've used McDonald Home Inspection on 2 purchases and would definitely do so again!


Pang - 11/16/19

He showed up early to start and went through everything. He also stopped to greet us when we arrived and stopped at times during his inspection to explain what he was looking at to why he was looking. Very polite throughout the whole process and even gave suggestions on what can or should be done to recommending programs that could help if needed. Thank you and we're very glad we went with Mcdonald home inspection

Neshma - 11/15/19

Earlier today we had our scheduled Home Inspection with Brian. I must say I am impressed and happy with the outcome of McDonald's Home Inspection service. When we arrived at our soon to be home, we notice Brian was already there working on the exterior inspection. He greeted us and explained what he was doing, things he was looking out for, as well as took the time to point out details to address prior to closing. He also oriented us on projects that we should keep in mind in order to protect and secure our soon to be home. I will be recommending him with me peers and family. He provided complete report with pictures and explanations under each image. It was very thorough and color coded with matters that needed to be completed by seller prior to closing along with not required/mandated suggestions to address. Overall we are very pleased with his service and highly recommend to all.

Kurt - 11/14/19

Brian was awesome and incredibly thorough with everything about our home inspection. It was a relief to have this process simplified for us and his report was very quick and detailed. I would strongly recommend his services to anyone.

Sharon - 11/11/19

Professional and thorough.


Rahul - 11/7/19

Brian is very knowledgeable and thorough in his work!!

Alexa - 11/5/19

What a wonderful business to work with! Brian is exceptionally thorough and informative. He was willing to answer any and all questions happily. As a first time home buyer, he was delightful to work with and a pleasure to learn from.

Sundy - 11/2/19

My husband and I have had the most seamless and amazing experience working with Brian. From the very beginning Brian made sure that we fully understood everything he was examining and went through every inch explaining our foundation. He even arrived 45 minutes prior than scheduled so that he could inspect the house on his own before we got there. Prepared and equipped with his handy backpack, he had everything needed to make this inspection go smoothly. Brian's demeanor to the way he took down the report is evident on how serious he took his work. He even voice recorded and took pictures of everything. Brian was professional, personable, knowledgeable, thorough and an absolute pleasure to work with!

Allison - 10/30/19

Brian was extremely personable, thorough, and explained each step of the way. He also would stop and ask if we had any questions during the process. I truly appreciated his incredible work ethic, and willingness to actively include us in the inspection.

Charlene - 10/22/19

Brian and Paula are truly excellent. They were extremely responsive during scheduling. During the inspection, Brian was so thorough, answered all of our questions and was extremely patient. We would recommend McDonald to anyone!!

Maria - 10/18/19

Hello Mc Donald Home Inspections, Inc .. I am extremely nappy with your service. Your great professionalism and dedication made me feel confident and truthful.. I will always recommend you .. thanks for everything and my best wishes on your business providing the BEST of the BEST!


Narayan - 10/16/19

Brian came to the site on time and started his Inspection very professionally. He spent a lot of time both internally and answered all our questions while going around and displayed a good deal of his past experience as builder and advisor on a variety of topics. He also responded to post inspection questions promptly. He had the report ready the same evening. I would definitely recommend him as a very capable home inspector.

Steven - 10/1/19

Brian is one of the most thorough inspectors I’ve ever worked with. He is incredibly knowledgeable.

Anthony - 9/29/19

Brian was great! Very friendly as first time home buyers we felt like he was great at explaining everything!

Jessica - 9/25/19

Brian was awesome! Very thorough and explained everything we had questions on. He was there before we were and already checking things out. Highly recommend! Super nice too!!


Lisa - 9/20/19

I fully recommend Brian and McDonald Home Inspections. he is very professional, friendly, and extremely thorough.

Nathan - 9/16/19

My wife and I were referred to McDonald Home Inspections through our real estate agent. Brian was so kind and walked us through the entire process. He was very thorough and fully transparent with each room we went into. Brian even took the time to explain what exactly he was looking for and gave us ample time to ask any and all questions we had about the property. Will definitely be recommending him to others interested in a great home inspector!

Mary Ann - 9/15/19

Great experience!! Brian is incredible and so thorough! Even gave recommendations! Paula who sets up the appointments was so wonderful.... Great experience!!!


Dana - 8/26/19

Brian was recommended to us and provided an absolute excellent service. He showed up an hour early to get a head start with inspecting the outside of the house (and then walked us through everything he found when we got there), was extremely thorough and provided us with a lot of helpful information. The report was delivered the same day and I highly recommend him as home inspector!

Lynn - 8/21/19

Brian did a great job checking out the house and telling us all of the good with the bad. We learned a lot from Brian and would definitely use him again.

Joseph - 8/20/19

Communication on every step Gave feedback on both, areas that need to be addressed and positive Asked if we had questions in each step Looks at all aspects even difficult areas to get access to Very respectful

Shauna - 8/13/19

Brian was super informative, SO thorough, and clearly has a lot of knowledge and expertise. He gave us some great suggestions and tips that we wouldn't have known or thought twice about otherwise. An added bonus- he was also able to make us laugh throughout what could have been a very boring inspection!


Adam - 8/13/19

Can't say enough about McDonald Home Inspection. Extremely thorough, friendly and a pleasure to work with. Very impressed by todays inspection. I would recommend to anyone buying a house.


Vivian - 8/12/19

Knowledgeable, courteous, prompt, informative, helpful...I would not hesitate to request Brian's services again..

Danielle - 8/9/19

Incredibly knowledgeable and helpful- thorough.


Jim - 8/5/19

Bryan is not the least expensive home inspector, but we feel he was definitely worth the little extra in cost. He put in extra time and was extremely thorough inside, outside, and under the house. He was knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly, aiding with prioritizing what was needed and what should just be watched or noted throughout the process.


Mercedes - 8/1/19

Very thorough, gave very clear details and explanations. Report was very detailed and organized and provided to me by the end of the day. Made himself available for questions/advice afterwards. We had to bring our 4 & 5 yr olds with us (yikes!!!) and he was nothing but patient and kind. Thank you Brian!


Sherry - 7/29/19

Very knowledgeable and answers all questions

Helen - 7/24/19

Brian is detail oriented, honest and friendly. As a first time homebuyer I was not completely sure what kinds of questions to ask, so I was grateful Brian explained everything thoroughly and in layman's terms!

Sal - 7/22/19

Great report very detailed and thorough

Adam - 7/16/19

We have used him twice now. Super thorough and a great guy.


Kayla - 7/13/19

I was more than impressed with Brian’s knowledge and thoroughness. Without a doubt this is the inspection company you want working for you, and especially if you are a first time home buyer!

Nicholas - 7/12/19

On time and very detailed

Sherrie - 7/5/19

Brian McDonald was an ultimate professional. He was extremely detailed in his inspection and also provided many helpful suggestions for overall improvements and maintaining the house we are purchasing. We highly recommend Brian McDonald for his professionalism, attention to detail and customer service!

Malerie - 7/2/19

Highly recommended inspector!!! Very honest and thorough. It was a pleasure to work with Brian


Mary - 7/1/19

McDonald's Home Inspection saved me from humiliating costs in the near future. He is extremely thorough. Very professional. On time. On your side.His report was in my hand the same day.Don't relies on your eye relie on his training and expertise .

John - 6/15/19

Brian is straightforward and knowledgeable; he arrived early and took adequate time to look at everything. He explained things well and made many helpful recommendations; he also made himself available for future questions, should any arise. I highly recommend his services.

Kyle - 6/14/19

This is my second home inspection and this was leaps and bounds more detailed. Brian went through everything in detail and answering any questions I had along the way. It was easy to set up, even through text and were able to fit me in within a week. I would recommend McDonald to anyone needing a home inspection.

Julia - 6/11/19

Brian was extremely thorough , made sure I understood everything, and made it very clear my significant other or I can contact him any time with any questions we may have. Thank you!

Becky - 6/8/19

Very professional, honest and looks out for your best interests as well as having detailed knowledge in this trade. I cannot wait to work with him again.

Brian - 6/7/19

My experience with McDonald Home Inspection was thorough, professional and respectful! I would absolutely recommend their services for anyone in need.


Kelson - 6/5/19

Brian is thorough, honest and knowledgeable. He is very clear in his walk through and provides good feedback on solutions to any issues he uncovers. In addition he is honest about what he can't see in the house as well. He has quick turn around in delivering the report and was professional throughout the process.

Jennifer - 5/26/19

Very thorough, informative and professional. Would recommend.


Helen - 5/20/19

Brian was excellent -- extremely thorough and educational throughout. He made sure I understood everything and that I had no unanswered questions. And he also let me know he was available in the future for any questions or concerns. He really equipped me with knowledge of all the systems -- what I can anticipate replacing when, etc. I told him he should teach a community course -- I would definitely sign up!! All very positive -- I recommend him without reservation. Top notch.


Chris - 5/19/19

My inspection was scheduled for 9am and Brian had already been there for an hour inspecting the exterior of the house. When I arrived he introduced himself then we walked around the house and he already had the improvements noted that I can make. He was very thorough with the inspection and answered all my questions. I received a full report by email three hours after the inspection.


Selase - 5/14/19

Very thorough and professional. They don’t miss anything you have to know.

Dina - 5/11/19

I was very impressed with Brian. I can't tell you how thorough he was with my home inspection this morning. He was extremely professional and was very detailed oriented. Even my realtor was impressed and she has seen a lot of inspections. If you are looking for a home inspection, McDonald Home Inspections are the ones to call. They are top notch! I am very happy I called them.

Timothy - 4/17/19

Extremely professional and thorough. Their attention to detail in their reporting is second to none. They delivered their final report within hours of completing a comprehensive inspection. They are very friendly and walk you through the entire process and leave no questions unanswered. I would highly recommend McDonald Home Inspections to anyone buying a home.

George - 4/12/19

Excellent experience. Brian was very knowledgeable and helpful explaining everything step by step. Would highly recommend.


Jordan - 4/10/19

Brian was terrific! Very thorough, extremely knowledgeable and willing to explain everything. We had our inspection report within hours of the completed inspection. Highly recommended!


Travis - 4/8/19

Extremely professional and took the time to explain all findings. Made suggestions where appropriate.


Joanna - 3/31/19

Brian is the BEST. He is super thorough, very friendly, honest, and seriously knows his stuff. This is our second home inspection with him and I would recommend him to absolutely anybody who is buying a house.


Adolphe - 3/30/19

He scan the entire house from top to the underground

Marie - 3/28/19

Brian was absolutely professional and knowledgeable. we arrived 10 mins early to our location and Brian was already there working on the outside of the house. Being first time home buyers, we did not know what to expect. Brian had walked us through the entire process. After every section, he would ask us if we had questions. He was very knowledgeable! His price is very reasonable. I highly recommend Brian and his team for home inspections!


Justin - 3/27/19

Great guy and incredibly knowledgeable. Helped me to make the right decision. Will certainly be using Brian again!

Arthur - 3/26/19

Brian was great! As a first time buyer brain took the time to explain the whole inspection process in detail. Highly recommended!


Geetanjali - 3/26/19

Always a seamless experience working with Brian and Paula. Brian was on time, knowledgeable and very professional. Look forward to working with him again!

Lauren - 3/15/19

I would highly recommend Brian as your home inspector. He is very thorough and knowledgeable. Pricing is great. The responsiveness from him and his team is awesome! He is also very easy to work with. We will definitely use again

Lori - 3/14/19

Brian is thorough and so knowledgeable. His professionalism is top notch.

Joanna - 3/12/19

Brian was fantastically thorough! We were really pleased with the quality of his inspection. He returned his report to us the same day. We will definitely call him again, and recommend him to everyone we know!

John - 3/7/19

He was on point with every item. Explained everything, always asked me if I had questions every few rooms. Excellent service

Aneta - 3/6/19

Was referred to me on local Facebook page and I am glad I took the advice and used McDonald, very professional and knowledgeable, really cared to help us, me and my husband are very thankful to Mc Donald for helping us with buying our first home! My husband was so impressed with the inspection, he said it was the best inspection he have ever seen! Very impressed!

Catie - 3/5/19

I couldn’t be happier with McDonald Home Inspections. From the first interaction booking the appointment, through the inspection, to the written report (which was turned around quickly but didn’t miss a thing), the friendliness, warmth, professionalism, and thoroughness of the whole process was nothing short of impressive. McDonald Home Inspections is the way to go.

Tevin - 3/4/19

Great company! Every honest and PROFESSIONAL! Finally the report came out great and easy to read and 110 percent Recommend to anyone !!!

Bruce - 2/26/19

Very thorough and detailed inspection. Mr. McDonald's extensive knowledge of codes and building practices is an invaluable asset!


Hannah - 2/25/19

Brian is the best. He's incredibly thorough and a pleasure to work with!

Dennis - 2/18/19

Very impressed with the thorough work done. Answered all our questions and went into great detail about potential concerns


Steven - 2/13/19

Awesome inspection service. Knowledgeable, professional, and thorough. Brian explained a lot of the homes pros and cons and was patient and fielded all questions. I would suggest him to any of my friends, especially prior service, McDonald's Home Inspections Inc. offers veteran discounts. Will certainly use his services again.

Roger - 2/7/19

Brian was an excellent inspector! He arrived early to do some external work ahead of time, he was thorough in his work during the inspection, chatted throughout the day about ways to address some of the issues he saw, and then provided a very detailed inspection report for us later the same day. Highly recommended if you need a home inspector!

Sanjay - 1/21/19

Very Thorough. Takes pictures, records notes. Does great explanations to make things clear.

Nicholas - 1/19/19

As a first time home buyer, I was unsure of what to expect from the home inspection process, but Brian was extremely knowledgeable and made the process easy and stress free. Highly recommend!

Jessica - 1/17/19

Brian was very through, helpful and knowledgeable. He took his time, double checked everything and made sure that all of my questions were answered.

Ryan- 1/3/19

Great experience. Brian was thorough. Just what we needed.


Dustin- 12/29/18

Very experienced and very easy to work with.

Victoria- 12/24/18

Brian is great! He is super professional and extremely knowledgeable! You will be doing yourself a great favor working with McDonald Home Inspections!

Eden- 12/14/18

As a first time home buyer, I am so glad I used McDonald Home Inspections and feel confident that I am buying a solid home. Brian is extremely thorough in his inspection and is able to explain every part of the process while he is working. I would highly recommend him for home inspections.

Stephanie- 11/15/18

Was a pleasure to work with. Very professional and knowledgeable. Also detail oriented. Great website to self schedule a home inspection. And credit card convenience. Answered all my question. Highly recommended.

Mike- 11/14/18

Very detailed. They know their stuff. Very professional.

Marcos- 11/03/18

I Just had a home inspected by Brian and he was awesome. He was very informative, both in person and in the home inspection summary. The inspection summary was email back to me in just a couple hours, and Paula squeezed me in the schedule to fit my needs. I highly recommended McDonald home Inspections and look forward to using them if I'm ever in the market again. Thank you guys !

Lori- 10/31/18

Very professional and knowledgeable. Took the time to go over every aspect of the home. Explained and answered all my questions and or concerns. I would highly recommend McDonald Home Inspections!


David- 10/29/18

Brian found code violations in a brand new home! He has the knowledge and experience to do the job right. Previously I understand he was a building inspector, so he knows what to look for.


Mike - 10/11/18

This was my first home inspection since moving back from California
I was completely impressed with the time and energy Brian took to perform the home inspection. Not only did he take the time to show me what he was looking at he explained why and what it really needs to fix and repair. He made me feel free to ask question and when he answered them he used normal language I did not have to google anything trying to figure what he meant, he is truly a professional. I know if I have question in the future about this or any home I buy the first person i will call is Brian.

They don't do home inspections in California like this.


Sagar- 10/11/18

Brian was very professional, detail oriented, efficient during the inspection. He arrived before time to inspect the outer area and then he explained everything to me. He also provided a detailed book which has the summary of all the home sections. The report provided by him was detail oriented and had good photographs. I would recommend him for sure.


Keith- 9/30/18

Brian was extremely thorough in his inspection, and explained everything as he went through it. I would highly recommend him!

Renee - 9/28/18

Brian is an excellent and thorough inspector. Extremely knowledgeable. He went over the whole house in systematic fashion. We spent a lot of time in the basement which is where you should spend most of your time inspecting the house. He found everything that could possibly be wrong with the house. He had great suggestions for repair. He wasn't afraid to point out any issues. He is also a nice guy and pretty funny too. I would highly recommend him. If you need an inspector I would call Brian.

Ysabel - 9/25/18

Brian was very thorough and meticulous in my home inspection. In my case, we spent most of the time in the basement; he didn't leave any corner unchecked, nor any receptacle unchecked. I would strongly recommend his services!

Timothy - 9/20/18

Brian was a pleasure to work with. Extremely organized and detailed in the manner he worked his way around the house we are hopefully purchasing. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a in depth house inspection!

Rene - 9/13/18

Brian is an excellent and thorough inspector. Extremely knowledgeable. He went over the whole house in systematic fashion. We spent a lot of time in the basement which is where you should spend most of your time inspecting the house. He found everything that could possibly be wrong with the house. He had great suggestions for repair. He wasn't afraid to point out any issues. He is also a nice guy and pretty funny too. I would highly recommend him. If you need an inspector I would call Brian.

Dianne - 9/10/18

Brian did a wonderful job on our home inspection! He was thorough but easy-going and easy to talk to. We felt like we could ask questions and get answers that we understood. This is our third time buying a house and thus our 3rd home inspection – Brian’s was by far the best and most thorough report we’ve ever gotten. Paula made scheduling & getting the reports etc - super easy !! They make a great team

Michael - 9/7/18

Brian was very knowledgeable and thorough. I've been through several different home inspections and Brian provided the best inspection yet.

Daniel - 9/3/18

Brian is very knowledgeable and extremely thorough with his inspections. Reports are sent out quickly and are very detailed. He does a great job of explaining what he is looking at and identifying anything of concern.

Christine - 8/30/18

Brian was professional and extremely thorough at a recent home inspection. He took his time explaining what he was looking for and his findings. Throughout the inspection, he asked several times if I had any specific questions he could answer. I was impressed with his attention to detail and willingness to take some extra time. Thank you for providing such exemplary service.


Alisa - 8/18/18

Very thorough in explaining the different parts of the inspection. Friendly and professional!


Marildo - 8/11/18

I'm so happy to choose them , the best I've ever seen!


Brittany - 8/09/18

My husband and I recently had a home inspection done on 8/8/18 by Brian McDonald. We are first time home buyers and found Brian through some people who highly recommended him. I am SO thankful we went with him!! He was extremely thorough, explained everything to us when we had questions or when he pointed out something that we should be aware of. As first time home buyers, everything is all so new and overwhelming at times but Brian made the entire experience a wonderful one. Thank you again SO MUCH, Javi & Brittany

Debbie - 8/07/18

We hired Brian McDonald to do our home inspection after I read his reviews. I am glad we hired him! He was extremely thorough and explained everything to us. His report was so informative and helpful in our decision on the home we were hoping to buy. Thanks to his thorough inspection we made the decision not to buy the home we were having inspecting. I will use him again. Debbie O'Brien

Brian - 8/03/18

An appointment was arranged through our realtor. The response and contract where forwarded quickly and efficiently via email. Appointment reminder came via text and email--much appreciated. Inspector arrived on time was efficient and very comprehensive. No stone was left unturned. The report was emailed to us quickly. It was complete with photographs (good and bad) along with concerns and helpful suggestions. Would highly recommend!!


William- 8/1/18

Very thorough and professional !!!

Tamling- 7/31/18

Very professionally work done, best inspector

Jane- 7/28/18

Brian is a professional in every sense of the word. He showed up on time/early, changed his shoes when he went in the house and explained everything we needed to understand. I strongly recommend his services as a home inspector.

M.S.- 7/24/18

Brian was very nice, patient, and thorough, and he explained everything in a way that was easy to understand. He didn't hesitate to get dirty and didn't rush through anything. His knowledge of local codes and the people who enforce them was also valuable in our future plans for the house. He provided us a very detailed report within 24 hours that we'll use as a project-planner for our first few years in our new home. Can't recommend him highly enough!


Emily- 7/21/18

Excellent experience! Professional, patient and so informative. Would highly recommend them to anyone needing a home inspection!

Elizabeth- 7/18/18

My fiancé and I were so fortunate to work with McDonald Home Inspections for the sale of our first home. The inspector arrived early, was well prepared, professional, personable and looked into every nook and cranny. Not a stone was left unturned. The full report came over in a very timely fashion and outlined EVERYTHING for us clear as day. It was above and beyond what we could have hoped for. Thank you so much! Highly recommend!

Matthew- 7/14/18

Very thorough, explained everything very clearly and contextualized throughout. Very personable!

Marlene- 7/08/18

Thorough, detailed , expert home inspection by Brian McDonald was done for us and we are most pleased with his work . A written report including extensive pictures was emailed to us by the end of day . During the inspection , Brian answered all of our questions and demonstrated knowledge and experience in every area inside and out including the attic. Plumbing , wiring , ventilation ,and every detail of construction was noted and evaluated . After our inspection , Brian voluntarily sought to do extra research around our area of concern with HVAC. He then shared extra comments and advice which we greatly appreciated. We are grateful to have had the services of McDonald Home Inspections and recommend this company very highly . Excellent experience !


C.N. - 7/04/18

He was professional about it. Made it on time. Look after things I wasn’t expecting. Answered questions. Gave me a book with more information. Left information if I need reach him in the future. It was a pretty quick process but I appreciate his service. I’ll recommend him since the price is the best of all the 5 places I called within an hour. I did my research and I am glad I chose him.

Daiana - 6/25/18

We were recommended to use Brian from McDonald Home Inspection by our real estate agent , we couldn’t have a better decision, Brian was very professional and informative, we received the inspection report so quickly , it was very clarify and detailed. I really recommend McDonald Home Inspection!!

George - 6/13/18



Sarah - 6/12/18

We are finally settled into our new home and have a moment to write a review! We couldn’t have been more pleased with the service we received from McDonald Home Inspections. Brian not only completed an incredibly thorough inspection of every part of the house, but he took the time to make sure that we understood all the major components and aspects of operating the house. We received a very detailed and professional report within a few hours, which was even color coded and summarized so we could easily find the more important items that we had to pay attention to. It even included color photos with arrows pointing to defects! We had a few questions when we moved in, and Brian was more than happy to speak with us to make sure we understood everything. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a home inspection. He is clearly an expert in his field and goes above and beyond!


Trisha - 6/11/18

McDonald Home Inspection was exceptional! The very Best!


Mike - 6/10/18

Brian is an excellent home inspector. He has extensive knowledge in every aspect of the home and is able and willing to explain in great detail how each thing works, how it should work, and will give his professional opinion on its condition. Because I'm an electrician, I expected to gloss over the electrical part of the home inspection. I was very impressed when he picked up on several things I wouldn't have noticed. Also very impressed with his knowledge of electrical code. His report, which was sent to me that day, was extremely thorough with pictures, descriptions, and recommendations of every part of the home. I was able to negotiate with confidence before signing the P&S while citing specific parts of his report. I will be recommending him to anyone I know looking for a home inspection.

Kevin - 6/9/18

Phenomenal experience just had my second inspection done by McDonald Home Inspection and I couldn’t be more satisfied with the service provided. Will recommend to everyone and continue to use throughout all of my future home purchases!

Michael - 6/8/18

I contacted McDonald Home Inspections off a recommendation from my realtor. Paula worked with me to schedule time around my schedule and quickly as we were on a deadline. Brian came out and already had the outside of the home inspected before I arrived so he could do a walk around with me to settle any questions and point out things he noticed. Inside we spent a significant amount of time in the basement but I felt confident about every square inch of the house bull the time he left. Brian also made relevant suggestions about improvements that would benefit not only the house but my wallet. The after inspection review pamphlet he sent me had almost too much information, but buying something as big as a house should be that meticulous. I'm not sure how often I'll be buying houses but you can guarantee I'll use McDonald Home Inspections again.

Justin - 6/7/18

We were recommended to use Brian from McDonald Home Inspection for our home inspection by our real estate agent. We couldn't have made a better decision. Brian first off was able to work us into his tight schedule to begin with. On the day of the home inspection Brian was there before we arrived already taking pictures and making notes. He was extremely thorough, knowledgeable, and answered all of our questions. He pointed every little detail out, just to make sure we were informed potential home buyers. Once he was finished he wrote up a detailed report of his findings. My wife and I ended up using McDonald Home Inspections twice, since the first home we looked at ended up having too many red flags discovered during the home inspection for us to move forward. I know we would gladly use McDonald Home Inspections for any future home inspections, and trust Brian's judgment and knowledge.

Donna - 6/6/18

Just had a home inspection done today by McDonald Home Inspections. The inspection was very thorough and done professionally. The basement was a disaster and I learned a lot about the property. I would recommend them if you want a complete evaluation.

Lisa - 6/6/18

Amazing experience. From the onset of the inspection, it was clear that Brian was extremely knowledgeable, and was able to share his knowledge and insight with me in a way that made sense. I would highly recommend Brian for any inspection needs.

Tyler - 6/5/18

Brian is an outstanding inspector and individual. His level of professionalism is quite rare to find nowadays. I appreciate McDonald Home inspections, and will be recommending them to anyone in need of their service.

Jessica - 6/4/18

Easy to set up, easy to talk to, very thorough - HIGHLY recommend!

Paul - 6/3/18

McDonald home inspection was very thorough. Checked very think and gave me a in-depth report. They were very friendly and accommodating. I would recommend them fully. Thank you to the McDonald family for a service well done.

Raymond - 6/2/18

Our inspection was very thoughtfully done with no space untouched. We were anxious about the process, but were easily reassured. I learned a lot from the process, and were confident in our choice to proceed with the purchase. We will use Mr. McDonald again if we need to.

Kevin - 6/1/18

Brian is excellent. Thorough, communicative.


Ben - 5/31/18

McDonald Home Inspection was wonderful to work with from start to finish. It was very easy to book with them using their online booking system and they were responsive to my emails and phone calls. Brian was on time for the inspection and VERY thorough, knowledgeable, and friendly. He got us the inspection report quickly and was also available afterwards if we had further questions. I felt the fee was fair and affordable. I hope to not have to inspect another home for a while, but if I do I will certainly use Brian and McDonald Home Inspections.


Eden - 5/31/18

Brian was very thorough in his inspection. He was also able to explain everything in a way that I could actually understand. His final report was clear but extremely detailed and helped me greatly with my decision about whether to buy the home. I would highly recommend him for home inspections.


Courtney - 5/31/18

Thank you Brian and Paula for a seamless home inspection process. Paula was helpful from the start of the procedure until the end which is when there was an issue with the radon test. She took care of the issue promptly for us which alleviated our stress. The day of the inspection, Brian arrived early for our appointment, saving us time. He took his time explaining everything to us and was extensively knowledgeable. I would recommend McDonald Home Inspections to everyone!


Jenn - 5/28/18

Top notch professionals! Timely turnaround with great attention to detail. We highly recommend them.

Lida - 5/26/18

Excellent experience! Professional and very trustworthy. Brian was amazing, the explanation of everything was very clear. I can't praise this company enough. I learned so much about the home I was going to invest in. I will definitely use this company again in the future!


Megan - 4/10/18

Brian is great! Very thorough, honest, and knowledgeable. I would recommend him to all of my friends and family


Abbe - 3/26/18

Brian is fantastic!  So professional and detailed and incredibly knowledgeable.  We could not have been more impressed.  We received our report quickly and were blown away by the quality and detail.  Would recommend to everyone!


Jenny - 3/26/18

McDonald Home Inspections is fantastic. As a first time home buyer, working with them completely put me at ease. From the minute I scheduled an appointment online, their customer service went above and beyond! Brian is extremely knowledgeable and walks the potential buyer through everything he's doing, why he's doing it, and what one should keep an eye on. It's very clear he's an expert. Between his knowledge base, attention to detail and the personal level of customer service from the company as a whole, I highly recommend.

Elle - 3/17/18

A pleasure to work with, enthusiastic and incredibly thorough. Now we can move along with closing on our property while knowing exactly what things we will need to improve on in the house.


Alex - 3/13/18

Great home inspection company!!! Brian McDonald did an excellent job and provided very thorough information in regards to the different areas of the home inspection.   I would highly recommend him to anyone that is looking for an honest and very professional detailed description as to the condition of the property they would like to purchase.


Derek - 2/28/18

5 stars!  Great inspection.  Very knowledgeable and thorough!

Patricia - 2/28/18

Brian is my first choice when recommending an inspector to my clients. He is extremely thorough and explains everything with great detail! His reports are excellent for clients to refer back to and he is always available for your questions and concerns. Never been disappointed!


Derek - 12/29/17

Brian is a bona-fide expert in all things home construction and building code related.  He combines that knowledge with an outstanding work ethic to deliver an inspection that is second to none.  We were thoroughly impressed with the home inspection received!

Brian went through the exterior and interior of the property with a fine tooth comb explaining everything he saw (good, bad or otherwise) in great detail, yet in a manner that was easy to understand.  The property under inspection was large with many complex systems, yet the extra time required to go through everything was not a concern as Brian was happy to expend as much resources as needed to complete the job.  He even followed up after the site visit to ensure all of the A/C units did not have open recalls.  

The report received was timely and extremely thorough, which was invaluable in completing purchase & sale negotiations.  The continuing value of Brian's work cannot be understated, as we have the knowledge of the home and how its systems function now that we're all moved in.

Michael - 12/27/17

I recently hired McDonald Home Inspections and would highly recommend them.  This is my 4th home purchase over the past 20 years and I can honestly say they did the most thorough inspection I have experienced.  Brian was extremely knowledgeable and spent time to answer all of our questions.  The detailed report that was provided upon completion of the process was above and beyond.  This report has served me as a reference guide regarding many aspects of the home when questions arise.  Great value for the rate charged for the inspection. 

Kevin - 12/3/17

I would recommend McDonald Home Inspections to anyone who needs a Home inspector.
We were very pleased with the professionalism and thoroughness of the inspection performed by McDonald Home Inspections. He was very informative and willing to answer any and all questions we had. He even offered further information even after we move in the new house. He took his time and explained what he was looking for in every room and outside the house. I couldn’t have asked for anything more. It was a good customer experience


Dan - 9/23/17

Brian was recommended to me by my brother. He came out and did an amazing job inspecting a rather unusual house with a combination of building styles and some unique features. He was very knowledgeable about all of the construction types used. Brian was very thorough and methodical in his process and found a TON of rather large issues that were not obvious to me as a layman at all. He was very pleasant and personable but was firm with the listing agent that was trying to sugar coat some of the issues. I got a real sense that he had genuine interest in my family being fully informed in our home buying decision. We were later emailed a very thorough 40 page report with color photos and little red arrows illustrating all the areas of concern. I can't say enough good things or emphasize strongly enough how valuable this truly great service was to us in an otherwise very difficult process.
Thank You Very Much!

Beth - 9/16/17

I love working with Brian. He is incredibly knowledgeable, very thorough, and totally approachable. All of my clients always comment on what a great guy he is and how comfortable they felt asking him questions during the inspection. I highly recommend him!

Katelyn - 8/30/17

We recently used McDonald Home Inspections. They were very professional, responsible and thorough. Scheduling our inspection was very easy and the inspector explained everything to us in plain language so that we would understand. I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of a home inspection.

Lindsi - 7/21/17

Brian is a very thorough and knowledgeable home inspector who takes pride in his work. I was very pleased with his online appointment system. We had some tight deadlines due to a vacation we were taking. Brian worked us into his scheduled to accommodate us. His office manager was a joy to work with during the whole processes and followed up to make sure we had all the test results we were waiting on. Highly recommend!

Robin - 7/17/17

Brian was awesome! Very informative! Thanks again you did a great job and even on the holiday!

Meredith - 7/13/17

Just wanted to thank Brian for sharing his expertise with us. This is our first home buying experience and the inspection was a huge part of it. He was extremely thorough and professional and down to earth. Great working with you!

Teri - 6/15/17

Brian is very thorough does exceptional work. Report was sent that day and is very detailed. His report stopped us from buying a money pit. A pleasure to do business with. Very detailed report. I was very impressed with his work. I highly recommend him. Pure Excellence.

Eileen - 6/6/17

I originally opposed the idea of an inspection report because, based on the ones I've received in the past, they seemed to be money down the drain.  However, the McDonald report is the clearest and most helpful inspection report I have seen (this is based on nine home buyings.)  Thank you for suggesting the
company and for pushing me to get an inspection report.

Audra - 5/15/17

Brian was very quick to respond to my emails and schedule our home inspection. He showed up early to inspect the outside of the home and then took me through the inspection offering tips and suggestions as he worked. His report was sent out that day and was extremely detailed and clear. This is the second home he inspected for us and we would recommend him to a friend.

Danielle - 5/7/17

Brian was great, very detailed in his reporting, would definitely recommend!

Debi - 4/5/17

Brian is conscientious, dedicated and trustworthy . He is extremely knowledgeable and recommend him with 100% confidence.

Teri - 2/9/17

Brian is very thorough does exceptional work. Report was sent that day and is very detailed. His report stopped us from buying a money pit. A pleasure to do business with. Very detailed report. I was very impressed with his work. I highly recommend him. Pure Excellence.

Kristen - 2/9/17

We were very impressed with Brian and the home inspection services he provided.  He was incredibly knowledgeable, thorough, professional and personable.  His report was delivered on time; it was descriptive in evaluating the house and provided great tips for future home maintenance and upkeep. An added perk was that he took the time to explain things to us-- we learned a lot during the home inspection which has helped us to be better homeowners. My husband and I highly recommend him!

Chris - 5/19/19

My i

Kayla - 7/13/19


Great experience!! Brian is incredible and so thorough! Even gave recommendations! Paula who sets up the appointments was so wonderful.... Great experience!!!I fully recommend Brian and McDonald Home Inspections. he is very professional, friendly, and extremely thorough.Brian was awesome! Very thorough and explained everything we had questions on. He was there before we were and already checking things out. Highly recommend! Super nice too!!

Pang - 11/16/19


David - 1/21/20


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