The Importance of Siding

The siding to your home is very important. Not only does it protect the home but it acts as a shield from harsh elements. It also helps to protect your insulation from dirt, water, bugs and debris. Year-round, moisture is always the biggest concern. If moisture is trapped inside of the walls, it may cause mold and mildew. It can also cause structural damage to the home by bowing or warping any of the foundation. The siding also helps keep out any water and debris from entering into the walls and insulation of your home, and reduces the chance for any moisture build-up. What is Siding? The primary purpose of your home's siding is to protect the home, along with the foundation and contents within it. It protects the home from rain, snow, wind, and any other strong weather elements that are often seen in New England. When it is cold siding that is properly installed can protect the interior of the home from the cold weather outside. It can also help keep in the heat that is produced in your home, so you can stay warm and save on heating. Another purpose of the siding is to add beauty to your home. Since the siding takes up a majority of the homes outside surface, the attractiveness is an added appeal to any resident. When Siding Fails If your siding is failing, water is more than likely going to find a way into the frame of your home. Moisture that is trapped there can lead to mold, rotting wood and other interior damage. This can lead to larger problem with the interior walls later on. Also, the siding can act as a shield from insects and other extreme weather conditions. It can help preserve the infrastructure, which can deteriorate with the wear and tear of the environment. Timely siding replacements and fixes can actually save you money on your future repair bills. Do I Need New Siding If there is warping in the old siding then it is time to think about replacing it. You may start to notice the siding starting to bend and pull away from the surface of the home. This means that rain water and moisture could be getting behind or underneath the siding, and causing damage to it. This is also very true if you start to notice water damage in the inside of your home where the siding is warping or bending out of place.There may be peeling paint or loose and sagging wallpaper in a room. This can be caused from moisture getting between the siding and the framework of the home. There may be signs of small green or black patches on the siding itself. These spots are usually found on the shady side of the home. This can also indicate a moisture problem. If you feel along the siding and notice any place that gives in slightly, you may have soft spots. This can be a sign there are rotting boards behind the siding, and should be fixed as soon as possible. Siding is an important shield and aesthetic for any home. In order to prevent irreparable water damage down the road it is important to regularly check and replace broken siding. If you are unsure whether your siding is acceptable, you can always hire a home inspector. Not only can a home inspector tell you the state of your siding, but they can also point out other problems that may be occurring without your knowledge. 

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