5 Things You Should Look Out for During Home Inspection

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Finding the home of your dreams can be very exciting. It is easy to imagine yourself all moved in and ready to go. But before you fall head over heels, a home inspection should be done to verify the safety, stability, and dependability of your dream home. A home inspection is vital when buying a home. Many mortgage companies will not finance a buyer who has not had a home inspection prior to closing on the house. It is important to find a home inspector you can trust, who has a good rapport, and whom pays close attention to these 5 key items during a home inspection.

1. The Oil Tank – If you are buying a home that is heated by oil and plan to keep it that way, then be sure to check that the oil tank has been properly serviced over the years and is not leaking. If the home was once heated by oil and has since been converted to gas, then you should pay closer attention. There is a possibility that the tank is either empty still and or it could be filled with sand and gravel. Be sure to check your States regulations on the matter and also see if it needs to be removed. This can become a large problem over time.

2. HVAC System – At the time of inspection, your home inspector will confirm whether or not your heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems are functional. This does not guarantee that they will work after the home inspection. Check in on the age of the equipment and acquire service logs before making any hard and fast decisions.

3. Roof – Find out how old the roof is and if there have been any leaks. Leaky and dysfunctional roofs can lead to major damage if not caught in a timely fashion.

4. Drainage – The way water drains and disburses from the house is very important. Too much water directed at the foundation can damage and weaken it over time. If grading is off, gutters and spouts are not functioning, or there are other reasons water is aiming back at the foundation, take note and be prepared to either fix the problem soon after moving in, or mediate the cost before closing.

5. Radon – Radon is a noxious gas that naturally emits from soils, especially in New England. It is odorless, tasteless carcinogenic and radioactive. A simple air test can be done to test for Radon in the home. This test can be done by Brian McDonald of McDonald Home Inspections, Inc., and the results can be rendered within a few days. This potentially hazardous gas can be mitigated with a radon system.

Are you looking to buy a home? Found your dream home and need an inspection? McDonald Home Inspections can help. Call us today at 978-413-9893 or schedule an appointment online. There you will find a high quality, ASHI Gold Certified Home Inspector with over 13 years of experience in home inspections, construction supervision and site development. Need a radon test? We offer that too! Don’t delay, give us a call today.

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